Steven Seagal to bring back Nico from ‘Above the Law’?

"Above the Law" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"Above the Law" Japanese Theatrical Poster

The man, the myth, the mystique that is Steven Seagal started with 1988’s Above the Law, his gritty debut feature by director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive). The film put Seagal on the map in the late 80s/early 90s and from that point on, his movies would get bigger, louder and more successful for the next 4 years or so.

Just recently, the Exit Wounds star “officially” tweeted the idea of bringing back Nico Tuscani (his character from Above the Law). Of course, this tweet most likely means nothing, but we couldn’t help to make a post about it. With the resurgence of titles such as Samurai Cop 2Kickboxer: Vengeance and xXx 3, anything is possible, right? Just don’t be expecting Davis to return to the director’s chair – expect someone like Keoni Waxman (Force of Execution), Seagal’s frequent filmmaker of choice of recent times.

If it doesn’t happen, fans still have a mountain full of pending Seagal films to look forward to that include AttritionChina SalesmanContract to KillCypher, Gunfighter, End of a GunDeadly Arsenal and Four Towers. His latest completed films include Code of Honor, The Asian Connection and Perfect Weapon.

If an Above the Law sequel materializes, you’ll definitely hear from us.

Updates: Well, it looks like there might be a grain of truth to the news we reported a week ago. Woodie Mister, partner of Seagal, states that he and the Aikido star are officially developing an Above the Law sequel (via Woody’s Twitter/FCS). Of course, nothing is 100% certain until production begins, but we have our fingers crossed.

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4 Responses to Steven Seagal to bring back Nico from ‘Above the Law’?

  1. Jerry Johnson says:

    I’d prefer and Under Siege movie. Him being a chef for so long would explain his incredible weight gain.

  2. AFS says:

    He’d have to explain how Nico gained both weight AND hair.

  3. American Ninja81 says:

    I really wish Seagal would hang it up. Which is weird cause I eagerly anticipate Van Damme, Dolph, Dudikoff and even Norris and The Dragon. Seagal is fat bastard who doesn’t care about quality control, about giving effort and even trying to moderately decent fight scenes. Fuck him. In terms of 60 year olds doing action movies, I wish Bruce Li would make movies instead.

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