Steven Seagal and Fan Siu Wong team up for ‘Attrition’

"On Deadly Ground" Theatrical Poster

“On Deadly Ground” Theatrical Poster

Steven Seagal (Above the Law) is currently shooting Attrition, a Kurosawa-esque project that Seagal wrote years ago. At once point, Seagal was attached to helm the project (it would have been his first directing gig since 1994’s On Deadly Ground, 22 years ago), but directorial duties were switched over to Mathieu Weschler, the filmmaker behind Covert Operation (aka The Borderland).

Hong Kong cinema fans will be delighted to learn that Fan Siu Wong (Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky) and Yu Kang (Wu Xia) are part of the all-star cast that also includes Vithaya Pansringarm (Lupin the Third, Only God Forgives), Rudy Youngblood (Apocalypto), James P. Bennett (Swelter), Cha-Lee Yoon (Plan B, One Million K(l)icks) and Bayra Bela (Netflix’ Marco Polo).

Attrition is said to be about Axe (Seagal), a warrior who’s in search of a missing Thai girl who possesses mythical powers. “I’ve written something called Attrition, which kind of reminds me of a [Akira] Kurosawa movie. I’m hoping to make that soon, maybe in China, maybe in Hong Kong, maybe in Thailand. We’ve got a lot of great offers out there. We’re going to be getting real busy this year,” Seagal told JoBlo in 2015.

Seagal is producing Attrition along with Bey Logan (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II) and Philippe Martinez (Wake of Death).

Updates: Download the Full Press Release for Attrition, available in .PDF format. The file contains photos from the production, including the first stills of both Seagal and Fan Siu Wong in action.

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7 Responses to Steven Seagal and Fan Siu Wong team up for ‘Attrition’

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  2. It is about time he does his own movie’s again, if you need any help Steven call me or email me.

  3. Nelida Miers says:

    All film of The angel Steven Seagal is a real success !The actor ,man and angel Steven is one !He is unique ,inigualable ,spectacular ,and yummy ,sexy and cool too !

  4. CJ says:

    Apparently he’s referring to the little-known director Barry Kurosawa, who is not related to the great master Akira Kurosawa in any way.

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  6. Ningen21 says:

    I think he’s confusing Kurosawa with a Golden Child remake. 🙂

  7. jim says:

    when is release date of this

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