Steven Seagal to play an old-school lawman in ‘Gunfighter’

"Out for a Kill" Japanese DVD Cover

"Out for a Kill" Japanese DVD Cover

Another Steven Seagal (Above the Law, Out for a Kill) movie has just been added to the action star’s evergrowing filmography. Just a week after the announcement of AttritionSeagal’s first directorial project in 22 years – new information has surfaced about Seagal starring in Gunfighter.

According to VMI, Gunfighter centers on an old-school lawman who battles a ruthless, deadly gang that has invaded his small town to pull off a brazen daylight heist. Chuck Hustmyre, who wrote the yet-to-be-released Seagal film, End of a Gun, will also write Gunfighter. There are currently no others stars or a director attached.

As a side note, Gunfighter sounds slightly similar to 2013’s The Last Stand – the Hollywood debut feature of Kim Ji-woon (I Saw the Devil) – which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a small town sheriff who protects his town from a dangerous drug lord.

Other Seagal films “in the works” include AttritionContract to KillEnd of a GunCypher, Four Towers and Under Siege 3. Seagal can be seen next in one of the following, forthcoming titles: The Asian ConnectionKilling Salazar, Perfect Weapon and Code of Honor.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Gunfighter.

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One Response to Steven Seagal to play an old-school lawman in ‘Gunfighter’

  1. Denise Wilson says:

    I am very excited that Steven Seagal is making a movie in Georgia. It is like a dream come true. Steven Seagal is a hero in my eyes..I would really like to meet him..I thank God for Steven Seagal..Is movie fire down below helped my heart health after the loss of my mom and grandad in 07..Also Steven is not ashamed to have his picture made while praying or worshiping the hire power..I have read and seen all the positive things ,he has accomplished in the world.Steven compassion for the homeless and human life.,animal rights.and foreign affairs that has united our country with others. Let’s not forget his care for law enforcement officers and brothers and sisters in blue..Steven Seagal concern for our Veterans last but not least the children all over the world..Your Truly God Bless Denise Wilson 3698 COKER RD Gainesville Georgia 30507

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