Eddie Peng sets the screen on fire in Derek Kwok’s ‘WuKong’

"Wu Kong" Teaser Poster

“Wu Kong” Teaser Poster

Within just a few years, Derek Kwok (As the Lights Goes Out) firmly established himself as one of Hong Kong’s hottest directors. His last feature Full Strike, was a co-directorial effort just like his previous films, Gallants and Journey to the West

But now, Kwok is back to directing solo with WuKong (aka The Tales of Wukong), an action-fantasy that tells the story of Sun Wukong (played by Operation Mekong’s Eddie Peng) before he became the Monkey King. The film also stars Ni Ni (The Warriors Gate), Shawn Yue (Reign of Assassins) and Zheng Shuang (No Limit).

WuKong is getting a domestic release on July 13, 2017. Don’t miss the film’s New Trailer below:

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2 Responses to Eddie Peng sets the screen on fire in Derek Kwok’s ‘WuKong’

  1. Ningen21 says:

    You sure it’s a trailer for a movie, and not an energy drink?

  2. Paul Bramhall says:

    Eddie Peng is the Jai Courtney of Chinese cinema.

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