New Teaser for the Louis Koo, Tony Jaa actioner ‘Paradox’

"Paradox" Teaser Poster

“Paradox” Teaser Poster

In addition to Jesse V. Johnson’s Triple Threat, which is being described as an Asian Expendables-type flick starring Tony Jaa (Skin Trade), Angelababy (Mojin: The Lost Legend), Tiger Chen (Man of Tai Chi) and Iko Uwais (The Raid 2), there’s another high profile martial arts film in-the-works that Jaa is co-starring in called Paradox (aka Fate).

Directed by Wilson Yip (Ip Man 3) and produced by Soi Cheang (SPL II), Paradox stars Louis Koo (League of Gods) as a police negotiator who travels to Bangkok to search for his teenage daughter and is aided by local detectives played by Jaa and Wu Yue (Journey to the West).

Additional cast members include Gordon Lam (Trivisa), Ken Lo (The Godfather’s Daughter Mafia Blues), Hanna Chan, Stephy Tang (Let’s Go!) and Chris Collins.

Paradox will feature action choreography by Hong Kong great, Sammo Hung (The Bodyguard). Jaa recently posted a photo with Sammo, stating: “Getting ready to shoot with the amazing Sammo Hung” (via FB).

Paradox is currently in production and will see a release in 2017.

Updates: A new Poster and Teaser Trailer have emerged (via AFS):

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3 Responses to New Teaser for the Louis Koo, Tony Jaa actioner ‘Paradox’

  1. AFS says:

    Frankly I’d be surprised if Angelababy appeared in a B-list action film with Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa. This seems like a case of a producer slapping on a name on a project to make it more high-profile. We’ll see I guess.

    As for Fate, it sounds very exciting! I just hope it’s not just someone who stumbled on one of those early SPL 2 announcement that still mentioned Sammo Hung as part of the project and forgot to read the date. We’ll see too ^^.

  2. ToryK says:

    NICE. It’s got an 80’s Hong Kong look to it.

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