Update: Mark Dacascos to ‘Breach’ the Filipino action movie

"Breach" Teaser Poster

“Breach” Teaser Poster

Pedring Lopez, the Filipino director currently making waves on the festival circuit with the action horror hybrid Nilalang, starring Cesar Montano and former Japanese AV actress Maria Ozawa, is already lining up his next production – an action movie titled Breach, starring Mark Dacascos (Drive).

Dacascos has been very active as of late, with his own directorial debut which was also shot in the Philippines, Showdown in Manila, and a role in the Mike Leeder produced Ultimate Justice. Lopez is aiming high with Breach, and has already shown a knack for action after bringing in Sonny Sison (one of the assassins in the Koichi Sakamoto directed Broken Path) to action direct for Nilalang.

“It’s not going to be kung fu in the traditional sense of the word, but it’s definitely not going to be just your average fighting,” Lopez said. “Dacascos’ character in Breach is an anti-hero, as his brother gets killed by PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency), and he has to go home to take care of the family business and bury his brother. So the PDEA are actually going to be the villains of the piece, which is fitting considering the current climate in the Philippines,” he added.

Together with Sonny Sison, who choreographed action for Nilalang, the director wants to add Filipino martial arts in Breach: “Sonny is especially pushing for this [Filipino martial arts]. So we’ll have the Filipino stick fighting, and also the blades. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Filipino martial arts movie, there’s been nothing, so now is the time.

Lopez also revealed (read the full City on Fire interview) that he’s in talks with another one of the assassins from Broken Path, Dan Southworth (Mortal Kombat: Legacy), to join the cast, along with bringing in various stuntmen who have worked on many Hollywood and international blockbusters. Lopez also confirmed Yoshi Sudarso’s (Power Rangers Dino Charge) involvement.

With Erik Matti (On the Job) also working on his own Eskrima movie, Buy Bust, the Filipino action flick looks to be making a much welcomed resurgence. Set to start shooting in March – April 2017, you can be sure we’ll keep you posted as we hear more about Breach.

For now, enjoy the classic Dacascos trailer for Drive:

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2 Responses to Update: Mark Dacascos to ‘Breach’ the Filipino action movie

  1. Andrew Hernandez says:

    I’m glad Dacascos has been active. I’m also looking forward to his spiritual follow-up to Only The Strong, where he revisits Capoeira.

    With Kung-fu, Silat, Jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai being featured so much, it’s time for Capoeira and Escrima be featured prominently again.

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