Mark Dacascos’ ‘Showdown in Manila’ flips a January release

"Showdown in Manila" Theatrical Poster

“Showdown in Manila” Theatrical Poster

ITN Distribution has acquired the action thriller Showdown in Manila (read our review) starring martial arts star Mark Dacascos (Drive, Ultimate Justice), who also serves as the film’s director.

The upcoming Expendables-esque film marks the second directorial project for Dacascos, following his unreleased, Russian-produced debut feature, Changing Lives. Andrzej Bartkowiak (Romeo Must Die), who worked with Dacascos in 2003’s Cradle 2 the Grave, is producing.

Showdown in Manila also stars Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Matthias Hues (No Retreat, No Surrender II), Cynthia Rothrock (Shanghai Express), Olivier Gruner (Nemesis), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Perfect Weapon), Monsour del Rosario (Bloodfist 2), Don “The Dragon” Wilson (White Tiger), Alexander Nevsky (Black Rose), Tia Carrere (Showdown in Little Tokyo), Iza Calzado (Bliss) and Monsour del Rosario (Techno Warriors).

ITN will release the film in theaters January 19, 2018, with a Digital and On Demand release to follow on January 23, 2018. Until then, don’t miss the film’s Newest Trailer below:

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13 Responses to Mark Dacascos’ ‘Showdown in Manila’ flips a January release

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  2. Kunz Andy says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Im an martial arts artist from Switzerland and living in Manila ofr doing movies and learn Martial Arts. My friend Don The Dragon Wilson told me, that you will direct a movie in Manila in 2015.

    Its one of my big dreams to be in one of your movies. Im an professional actor and Im familiar with several Martial Arts like Kung Fu, Arnis, Karate and at least Kaliman Martial Arts.

    Please let me know when the castings in Manila will be. All I ask is a chance to be in your project.

    By the way. I live since 4 years in Manila and know many good Martial Arts Artist, Stuntmen and Filmcrews as well. Please feel free to contact me if I could be helpful for your project.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards, Andy Kunz

  3. Bring in Daniel Bernhardt to join the cast of Showdown In Manila

  4. Alvin George says:

    I can’t say I don’t wish that Marcy Walker had made a movie with Cynthia Rothrock before she retired from show business. Marcy would probably have fared well as a villainess in a Rothrock vehicle.

  5. AmericanNinja81 says:

    I think the combined talents of Brandon Li (Dacascos) and Brandon Le(The Dragon) in Showdown in Manilla recalls more the Clones of Bruce Lee than anything else.

  6. AmericanNinja81 says:

    It escapes no one’s attention that Brandon Li has made the Crow rip offs and now a title that now sounds very similar Showdown in Little Tokyo. Not to mention Scorcher obviously a take on Rapid Fire. And he’s even appeared in a Bruce Lee bio pic. As far as im concerned he is the heir to Bruce Li. Drive is a classic.

  7. Ningen21 says:

    I thought he was a hack, but that a-hole Bartkowiak’s clearly been holding out on us. After seeing the trailer, it’s obvious he *knows* what a good action scene should be like, but he deliberately made Cradle 2 the Grave and Doom terrible on purpose. Makes me pissed off at him even more. What a douche.

  8. CJ says:

    Surely the title should be THE AFFORDABLES.

  9. Andrew Hernandez says:

    This poor film has already been savaged by negative reviews. I hope they’re incorrect.

  10. Andrew Hernandez says:

    I finally checked it out from my local Redbox, and it’s just as bad as the IMDb reviews state.

    One gets the feeling that his was an abandoned project that got dumped onto Dacascos’ lap when no one else could finish it.

    Mark Dacascos himself is only in the movie for 3 minutes. He still references this movie on his Facebook page, and I don’t know what he’s proud of. Maybe it was only because he and the cast were friends.

    I’ve never heard of Alexander Nevsky before this movie, and he is flabbergastingly bad. He’s like if Tommy Wisseau couldn’t be parodied. He had zero enthusiasm, his line readings sounded like they hurt to say, and he could barely move during the action scenes. This lump of waste was supposed to be the star.

    The action was pretty lousy. There were times where the camera would stay still and the action would fall out of view.

    Everything about this movie was just sad. The nicest thing I can state is that Tia Carrere is still lovely after all these years.

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