Anne Curtis goes nuts in Erik Matti’s Filipino MA film ‘Buy Bust’

"Buy Bust" Promotional Poster

“Buy Bust” Promotional Poster

Filipino director Erik Matti (Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles) hit the nail right on its head with his 2013 contract killer-themed thriller On the Job. His recent film, Honor Thy Father (no relation to that 1973 Godfather knock off), has met with similar praise.

Now, Matti is taking a stab at the martial arts genre with in an upcoming action flick titled Buy Bust. The project will star American-Filipino MMA sensation, Brandon Vera (Kamandag), and Filipino-Australian actress, Anne Curtis (Blood Ransom).

There’s no word on the plot, but considering it’s called Buy Bust, we expect a story involving cops, drug dealers and gangsters intertwined with hard-hitting martial arts choreography.

Buy Bust will incorporate traditional styles of Filipino martial arts (the most common are the arnis, eskrima and kali systems) and according to an article by SA, expect “no digital cheating and with no body doubles.”

Update: Check out a New action clip from the film, followed by its Teaser Trailer below. Also be sure to read our recent interview with the film’s action choreographer, Sonny Sison.

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4 Responses to Anne Curtis goes nuts in Erik Matti’s Filipino MA film ‘Buy Bust’

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  2. Z Ravas says:

    This looks terrific!

    All those memories will be lost in time…like bullets in the rain!

  3. Sharon W says:

    Looking forward to this!

  4. Jerry Johnson says:

    I really hope the rest of the film isn’t shot this poorly. The editing gave me a headache. It really was bad but may just be the clip.

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