Wong Kar-Wai hits the small screen in a big way

"The Grandmaster" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"The Grandmaster" Japanese Theatrical Poster

Renowned filmmaker, Wong Kar-Wai (The Grandmaster), is set to begin production on a big budget, two season series for the Huanxi Media Group. The untitled series is being produced primarily for digital streaming services.

According to THR, Huanxi has agreed to spend $3.10 million-$3.85 million (20 million-25 million RMB) per episode, a lavish production budget by Chinese internet drama standards. The show will have two seasons — one with 12 episodes, the other with six — with the first season expected to complete production in 2017.

Casting and plot details should be available soon. The question is: Where will the series make its North American run: Netflix or Amazon? We’ll keep you updated!

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