Visual Entertainment releases 1983’s ‘The Last Ninja’ on DVD

The Last Ninja | DVD (Visual Entertainment)

The Last Ninja | DVD (Visual Entertainment)

More good news for ninja film buffs! Visual Entertainment has released the DVD for 1983’s The Last Ninja, starring Michael Beck (The Warriors), Nancy Kwan (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), Mako (The Big Brawl), Richard Lynch (Invasion U.S.A.), and Rob Narita (Ghost Warrior).

This TV movie – produced in wake of the so-called “Ninja Craze” in 1980s – was intended to be an on-going series, but its pilot didn’t quite hit the bullseye (unlike 1984’s The Master, which is also being released later this year).

The Last Ninja is the story of an art dealer, Kenjiro Sakura (Beck) who – after being trained by his adoptive father (Mako) – leads a double life as a martial arts warrior. Teaming up with his sister, Noriko (Kwan), they crush a terrorist attempt without ever revealing their true identities. This act of patriotism intrigues a United States government agent looking for an ally to help with other cases.

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