Steven Seagal returns to TV for ‘General Commander’

"Perfect Weapon" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Perfect Weapon” Japanese Theatrical Poster

Steven Seagal (End of a Gun, Perfect Weapon), who previously tackled the small screen in the True Justice series, as well as the reality show Lawman, is hitting the tube once again for General Commander, an upcoming, 12-episode actioner directed by Philippe Martinez, who is perhaps best known for directing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 2004 film, Wake of Death.

According to DTVEGeneral Commander follows the missions of a top secret, rogue international paramilitary unit that fights major criminal organizations in a bid to stop World War III.

Bey Logan (who is also currently working with Seagal on Attrition) and Martinez are writing General Commander, which starts filming in Europe and Asia in September, ahead of a premiere on Filmbox channels in 2018.

We’ll keep you updated on this project as we hear more. Until then, check out the Trailer for Martinez’ Wake of Death:

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4 Responses to Steven Seagal returns to TV for ‘General Commander’

  1. kev foster says:

    Hi is this series available to buy on a bos set in the UK and is it in English ?

  2. Z Ravas says:

    I haven’t seen it since 2004 but I remember ‘Wake of Death’ being an excellent direct-to-video action flick.

  3. Andrew Hernandez says:

    Wake of Death was excellent. It should have been a theatrical release. The action was nice and evenly spread out across the movie despite it not being a “fight” film. The acting was very good as well by everybody. It was just a satisfying yet gritty flick.

    I’ll be surprised if Martinez can get anything like that out of Seagal though. If the man does fight scenes while sitting down and has stunt doubles walking up stairs for him, what’s the point? Martinez and Logan should stay away from him.

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