Introducing the All-New ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ Trailer

"Jean-Claude Van Johnson" Poster

“Jean-Claude Van Johnson” Poster

Last year, Amazon’s original pilot for Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Jean Claude Van Johnson, an action/comedy that’s along the lines of Van Damme’s semi-reality themed JCVD (2008), was picked up as a full season by Amazon. Now, a newly released Full Trailer for its continuation has made its way online.

JCVD (Kill ’em All) is a global martial arts and film sensation…and, operating under the simple alias of ‘Johnson,” the most dangerous undercover operative in the world. Unhappily retired, he’s now whiling away his days in superficial Hollywood… until a chance encounter with a lost love lures him back into the game, eventually forcing him to confront the greatest enemy he’s ever faced: a Bulgarian drug cartel. Just kidding it’s himself.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson also stars Kat Foster (Your Family or Mine), Moises Arias (The Middle), and Phylicia Rashad (Creed).

This isn’t the first time Van Damme is visiting television and comedy. In 2011 came Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors, a 2011 fly on the wall-style reality show that aired on United Kingdom’s ITV4. In 2013, the martial arts star successfully showcased his comedy chops in Welcome to the Jungle.

Don’t miss the Trailer for Jean Claude Van Johnson below. The series premieres December 15th on Amazon Prime.

Updates: Unfortunately,  Jean-Claude Van Johnson has been cancelled only a month after the satire was released (via Deadline).

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2 Responses to Introducing the All-New ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ Trailer

  1. hank says:

    This sounds really promising. I appreciate a lot of Van Damme’s post JCVD output, but it’s usually him elevating sub par material (except the Uni Sol sequels, which are all around amazing). Finally a project with some big names and talent behind it!

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