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Francis Ng and Simon Yam get ‘Two Thumbs Up’

Two Thumbs Up is an upcoming action comedy that stars two of Hong Kong’s top leading men, Francis Ng and Simon Yam. The supporting cast include Leo Ku (Hot Blood is the Strongest), Patrick Tam (Beast Cops), Mark Cheng (Election … Continue reading

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Kaos pushes Kane Kosugi and Jason Patric to the ‘Maxx’

Will the team that brought us the horrendous Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge redeem themselves? The answer is in the hands of Maxx, an upcoming action film that reunites director Wych Kaosayananda (aka Kaos of Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever fame) and martial … Continue reading

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White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom, The (2014) Review

AKA: The White Haired Witch Director: Jacob Cheung Writer: Kang Qiao, Wang Bing Producer: Don Yu Dong, Huang Jianxin Cast: Fan Bing Bing, Huang Xiao Ming, Vincent Chiu, Shera Li Xin Ru, Wang Xuebing, Du Yiheng, Nicholas Tse, Yin Zhusheng … Continue reading

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Trailer arrives for Carrie Ng’s directorial debut ‘Angel Whispers’

Angel Whispers is the directorial debut by Carrie Ng Ka Lai, successful Hong Kong actress who starred in films such as Naked Killer, City on Fire, Call Girl ’88 and more recently Pang Ho Cheung’s Aberdeen and Nick Cheung’s Ghost … Continue reading

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Girl at My Door, A (2014) Review

Director: Jeong Joo-ri Writer: Jeong Joo-ri Producer: Lee Jun-Dong Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Sae-Ron, Song Sae-Byuk, Kim Jin-Gu, Son Jong-Hak, Na Jong-Min, Gong Myung Running Time: 119 min. By Paul Bramhall Korea has arguably been producing the best movies to … Continue reading

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Donnie Yen’s English-language ‘Noodle Man’ cooks in July!

Don’t let the silly title fool you: an upcoming film called Noodle Man might just represent Donnie Yen’s return to Hollywood cinema. Action fans are more than likely aware that Donnie made inroads into the American movie industry back in … Continue reading

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Killer Constable | aka Lightning Kung Fu (1980) Review

AKA: Karate Exterminators Director: Kuei Chih-Hung Writer: Sze To On Producer: Run Run Shaw Cast: Chen Kuan Tai, Gam Biu, Ha Ping, Keung Hon, Kong Do, Ku Feng, Kwan Yung Moon, David Lam Wai, Lee Chun Hwa, Jason Pai Piao, … Continue reading

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‘Raid’ star Iko Uwais and UFC’s Ronda Rousey are on ‘Mile 22’

Indonesian martial arts star Iko Uwais (The Raid 2) and UFC’s Ronda Rousey (The Expendables 3) are on board to appear in Mile 22, an action-thriller produced by Peter Berg (Lone Surviver). According to Variety, Mile 22 explores the relationship between a CIA … Continue reading

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‘Traffickers’ director returns to crime with ‘The Technicians’

Crime definitely pays for Kim Hong-Sun, who was honored with “Best New Director” at the 33rd Blue Dragon Awards for 2012’s Traffickers (read our review). The South Korean filmmaker returns to familiar territory – albeit less dark – with The Con Artists … Continue reading

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Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles (2013) Review

Director: Takanori Tsujimoto Writer: Takanori Tsujimoto Cast: Mitsuki Koga, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, Masanori Mimoto, Kentaro Shimazu, Kazuki Tsujimoto, Ema, Kensuke Sonomura, Masaki Suzumura, Naohiro Kawamoto, Marc Walkow, Yasutaka Yuuki, Takashi Tanimoto Running Time: 88 min. By Kyle Warner Bushido Man: Seven … Continue reading

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