Katie Holmes, Jean Reno unite for Ryuhei Kitamura actioner

"Versus" Korean Theatrical Poster

“Versus” Korean Theatrical Poster

Just last month, it was revealed that Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus) was back in full-on Midnight Meat Train/No One Lives mode with an upcoming, English-language horror flick titled Downrange – but now that it’s 100% completed, Kitamura is getting suited up for action with an upcoming thriller, titled Doorman.

Doorman stars Katie Holmes (Disturbing Behavior) and Jean Reno (The Adventurers). Judging from the film’s description, looks like Holmes is jumping on the bandwagon of recent female-centric actioners (i.e. Atomic Bonde, Peppermint and Ballerina).

According to Variety, Doorman tells the story of an officer in the Marines who encountered traumatic events while serving her country and returns home looking for an opportunity to heal. She seeks refuge as a doorman at a historic New York apartment building until she encounters mercenaries intent upon destroying everything in their way, in order to retrieve precious art hidden in the walls of building.

Doorman is currently in pre-production. For now, here’s a reminder of Kitamura’s greatness.

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  1. Marijan says:

    what is this nonsence Katie Holmes action heroine i don’t like this she is not for this kind of roles

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