Director Jesse V. Johnson wants Scott Adkins to ‘Pay Up’

"The Pay Up" Teaser Poster

“The Pay Up” Teaser Poster

As fellow COF writer Paul Bramhall points out in his recent review for Savage Dog, action filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson (The Last Sentinel) seems to have found a new muse in the form of martial arts sensation Scott Adkins (Eliminators).

The two are currently busy wrapping up post-production on The Pay Up, an upcoming actioner that’ll mark their 4th feature together (5th if you count 2005’s Pit Fighter).

Details for the film are scarce, but it is confirmed that Michael Paré (Streets of Fire), Tony Todd (The Crow), Louis Mandylor (Martial Law) and Vladimir Kulich (Savage Dog), David William No (Mr. Nice Guy) are also part of the cast.

Stay tuned for more details about The Pay Up. Until then, fans have Triple Threat and Accident Man to look forward to from the duo (other Adkins upcoming projects include Incoming, Altar Rock, Sinners and Saints: Vengeance, and Malevolence.)

Updates: Check out the film’s New Poster (via Mike Leeder).

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  1. AFS says:

    The cast also includes Paul Mandylor from Martial Law.

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