First Teaser Trailer for the martial arts actioner ‘Triple Threat’

"Triple Threat" Teaser Poster

“Triple Threat” Teaser Poster

Well Go USA Entertainment has acquired North American rights to Triple Threat (aka Makeshift Squad), an upcoming action film by Jessie V. Johnson (Savage Dog) that’s best described as a martial arts-themed Expendables (via Deadline).

The anticipated movie features an ensemble cast of international action stars that includes Tony Jaa (Skin Trade), Tiger Chen (Man of Tai Chi), Iko Uwais (The Raid 2, Headshot), Michael Jai White (Falcon Rising), Scott Adkins (Eliminators), UFC Champ Michael Bisping (xXx: Return of Xander Cage), Celina Jade (Skin Trade), Jeeja Yanin (Chocolate) and Michael Wong (Z Storm).

Here’s what you can expect from the film’s plot, according to THR: After a billionaire’s daughter becomes the target of a mercenary cartel. Her only protection are two down-on-their-luck fighters and a third who has vowed revenge against the others. Jaa, Uwais and Chen are the protagonists, while American thespians Adkins, Bisping and White are the villains.

Look out for a U.S theatrical release in early 2018.

Updates: Watch the film’s 1st Teaser Trailer below:

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6 Responses to First Teaser Trailer for the martial arts actioner ‘Triple Threat’

  1. damien raw says:

    Oh hell yes, would love to see Jaa and Uwais have a face off in the film. Fingers crossed

  2. Ben says:

    Gonna see it!

  3. AFS says:

    Very excited to see Jai White, Adkins, Yanin, and Jaa all in one film.
    But am I the only one who finds Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen completely charisma-free ? They do great things with their body, but to me their respective screen personas are dull as dishwater.

  4. Asia Extreme says:

    Oh my God! HYPE! This will be awesome!!!

  5. Chris2419 says:

    If this is good, this should become a franchise, van damme, gina carano can be in the sequel

  6. Dan says:

    I would be on board with just Jaa OR Uwais, but both of them in one movie? Take my money!!

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