Thousand Faces of Dunjia | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

Thousand Faces of Dunjia | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

Thousand Faces of Dunjia | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

RELEASE DATE: March 27, 2018

On March 27, 2018, Well Go USA is releasing the Blu-ray & DVD for Yuen Woo-ping’s (True Legend, Ip Man 3, Crouching Tiger, Hidden II) The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, a remake of Miracle Fighter, a supernatural kung fu film he directed in 1982.

Lending a hand will be Tsui Hark (The Taking of Tiger Mountain), who is on board as producer and writer. The film stars Aarif Lee (Kung Fu YogaBruce Lee, My Brother), Ni Ni (Love Will Tear Us Apart), Da Peng (Jian Bing Man) and Zhou Dongyu (The Taking of Tiger Mountain).

The original – which starred Leung Kar Yan (Five Shaolin Masters), Yuen Cheung-yan (Once Upon a Time in Shanghai) and Yuen Yat Chor (The Postman Srikes Back) – follows a kung fu master who learns special skills from a pair of priests to defeat an evil magician.

According to FBA: Yuen says that aside from sharing the title of the film, the remake will tell an entirely new story. He said that if the original film was meant to present an alternative form of wuxia film, the new film intends to redefine it.

Pre-order Thousand Faces of Dunjia from today!

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5 Responses to Thousand Faces of Dunjia | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

  1. Wolfe says:

    I’m not familiar with the… thing I’m seeing here.

  2. Bad Effects says:

    That interviewer needs better video gear. Seriously. Replace that, and re-shoot.

  3. Jemmy says:

    I like that comedy action film, looking forward to watch Aarif as he is talented and he always make great effort to anything.

  4. David Rees says:

    Yet more over reliance on CGI…think i will give it a miss

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