Broken Sword Hero | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

Broken Sword Hero | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

Broken Sword Hero | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2017

On October 31, 2017, Well Go USA is releasing the Blu-ray & DVD for Broken Sword Hero (aka Legend of the Broken Sword Hero), an upcoming martial arts epic from actor/director, Bin Bunluerit (Bang Rajan).

Broken Sword Hero stars World-renowned Muay Thai kickboxer, Buakaw Banchamek (Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya). The film follows the adventures of Thong Dee (Banchamek, in his first leading role), a legendary fighter with unparalleled skills of Muay Thai and sword fighting skills.

There’s definitely more to the plot, but when you have a bunch of guys running around doing some Muay Thai sh*t, what else left is there to say?

Pre-order Broken Sword Hero from today!

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One Response to Broken Sword Hero | Blu-ray & DVD (Well Go USA)

  1. Paul Bramhall says:

    Looks like it has potential. Thai action cinema has been stumbling around in the dark ever since the passing of Panna Rittikrai, so it would be great if a movie was made that proves the industry didn’t die with the man who put it on the map in the first place.

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