Quentin Tarantino: ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ is not off the table…

"Kill Bill Vol. 1" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"Kill Bill Vol. 1" Japanese Theatrical Poster

While promoting The Hateful 8 at this year’s recent Comic-Con, Quentin Tarantino opened up about a potential Kill Bill Vol. 3. According to Collider, Tarantino intimated that it was a definite possibility and that Uma Thurman was definitely up for another round as The Bride.

The 3rd installment of Tarantino’s Kill Bill saga – and even some prequels – have been rumored for years. According to Thurman, an unfinished script does exist. There was even some talk of it being done entirely in Anime-form. In the past, Daryl Hannah confirmed a Vol. 3 was happening. Vivica Fox, who is about to reignite her career with an ID4 sequel, has expressed interest in returning for a cameo.

Updates: When Vulture asked Tarantino about some of his potential/rumored movies – Killer Crow, The Vega Brothers, and the Django/Zorro crossover – here’s what he had to say: “No. I don’t think I’m going to do Killer Crow anymore, but that’s the only one that could possibly be done.” But when asked if Kill Bill Vol. 3 was off the table, he responded: “No, it’s not off the table, but we’ll see.” Also, Tarantino cites Wai Ka-Fai’s Too Many Ways to Be No. 1 as one of his favorite “imitator” films. – Thanks to The gZa for the scoop!

And of course, we’ll keep you updated on Vol. 3 as we hear more!

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