‘I Saw the Devil’ writer revisits serial killers in ‘V.I.P.’

"V.I.P." Korean Theatrical Poster

“V.I.P.” Korean Theatrical Poster

Park Hoon-jung – the director of New World, Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale and writer of I Saw the Devil – returns to the dark world of sadistic killers in V.I.P, an upcoming South Korean noir/thriller about the son of a high-ranking North Korean official who is suspected of committing serial murders around the world.

V.I.P. stars Jang Dong-Gun (No Tears for the Dead), Kim Myung-Min (Man of Vendetta), Park Hee-Soon (The Age of Shadows), Lee Jong-Suk (Hot Young Bloods) and a supporting role by Swedish actor, Peter Stormare (John Wick: Chapter 2, Kill ‘Em All).

V.I.P. will see a domestic release in August of 2017. Don’t miss the film’s Trailer below:

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