Diamond Cartel | DVD (Cleopatra Entertainment)

"Diamond Cartel" DVD Cover

“Diamond Cartel” DVD Cover

RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2017

Salamat Mukhammed-Ali’s Diamond Cartel (read our review), a Kazakhstan-produced action film, will finally be seeing a DVD release on August 8th, 2017 (or you can watch it right now, via Amazon Video).

In addition, the film’s soundtrack, which promises “a unique collection that perfectly captures the roller coaster ride experience of the film” is also currently available.

Diamond Cartel (aka The Whole World at Our Feet) stars Armand Assante (Judge Dredd), Bolo Yeung (Clones of Bruce Lee), Don “The Dragon” Wilson (The Martial Arts Kid), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Tekken 2), Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (Jackie Brown), Micheal Madsen (Kill Bill Vol. 2) and Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia).

Pre-order Diamond Cartel from Amazon.com today!

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