The possessed return in new trailer for ‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’

“REC 4” Theatrical Poster

The 2007 Spanish-language horror film [REC] managed to set a bar for the genre, reinvigorating the zombie movie through the then-fresh ‘found footage’ approach. [REC] proved popular enough to inspire two sequels and now another is on the way. [REC]4: Apocalypse finds original director Jaume Balaguero returning to tell a new story ([REC]3 was actually something of a prequel. Confused yet?) about the sole survivor from the first film.

The trailer for the Apocalypse is online now and Balaguero appears to be dropping the found footage conceit to tell a visceral zombie tale, complete with a wet, grimy atmosphere a la Alien. The oil tanker setting may even remind some Asian film buffs of the 2011 Korean monster movie Sector 7, but it’s likely a mere coincidence.

Update: Enjoy the latest (and NSFW) trailer for the film!

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