Well Go USA to release Max Zhang’s ‘Invincible Dragon’

"The Invincible Dragon" Teaser Poster

“The Invincible Dragon” Teaser Poster

Max Zhang – the rising star of The Grandmaster and Ip Man 3 – will once again appear alongside his SPL II co-star, Louis Koo (and again, in newly announced Greedy Wolf), in The Invincible Dragon.

Formerly known as both Made in Kowloon and The Man with the Dragon Tattoo, the thriller is directed by Fruit Chan (Made in Hong Kong). Along for the ride are Annie Liu (Hungry Ghost Ritual), Richard Ng (The Pilferer’s Progress) and UFC champ Anderson Silva.

Details on The Invincible Dragon are thin, but according to AFS, Zhang and Silva will have a match, a la Donnie Yen vs. Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3.

Zhang has many other projects in the works, including The Brink, S.P.L 3: War Needs Lord, as well as an unofficial Ip Man 3 spin-off. As for Koo, well, the guy has a new film every week (just scroll down and you’ll see his name pop up as if he were a common word).

Updates: Well Go USA has secured rights to Invincible Dragon, which is currently in post-production phase. Expect a 2018 release date.

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2 Responses to Well Go USA to release Max Zhang’s ‘Invincible Dragon’

  1. ToryK says:

    Oh, please let this happen. Anybody who’s ever seen Silva in a fight knows the guy can move. I think he’d adapt well to onscreen fighting. I genuinely think the guy could be the next Benny “The Jet” if the opportunity came up and he chose to pursue it.

  2. Lee says:

    Can’t wait for “Made in Kowloon” and “Ip Man 4”! Any clue what the name of that horror one with the demon creature is?

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