This new trailer definitely has an ‘Elephant in the Room’

"Elephant in the Room" Korean Theatrical Poster

"Elephant in the Room" Korean Theatrical Poster

Expect the unexpected in Elephant in the Room, an upcoming South Korean film that focuses on three separate stories, from three distinct genres, by three different directors – each tale is unsettling in its own unique way.

The 1st story is a black comedy by Park Soo Young (Irreversible), about three people hanging off a seashore cliff in a car. They begin a game of chicken to survive; The 2nd is a drama by Kwon Chil In (Venus Talk), which revolves around a mysterious one night stand; The 3rd is a sci-fi action/thriller by Kwon Ho Young (Parallel Life), which follows a secret agent who enters the dreams of his clients to solve cases.

Elephant in the Room releases domestically on April 3, 2016. Don’t miss the film’s trailer.

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