‘I’m Not Bruce’ moves forward despite unsuccessful funding

"I Love You, Bruce Lee" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"I Love You, Bruce Lee" Japanese Theatrical Poster

Looks like documentarian Mark Hartley may have some furious competition ahead of him. Hartley’s first film, Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2008), examined the deranged side of Australian cinema; his second, Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010), explored the tropical storm of some of the most wackiest movies produced in the Philippines; and his latest feature, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014), reminded us how an insanely productive B-movie company was responsible for corrupting our childhoods with sex ‘n violence (as Paul Bramhall states in his review).

Now, the upcoming I’m Not Bruce, a documentary that centers on “Bruceploitation” flicks – a sub-genre that had actors mimic the look, style, and mannerisms of martial arts legend Bruce Lee – is currently in the works by filmmaker Nickolas Nielsen (Critical Fumble).

I’m Not Bruce promises to uncover questions like: Why did they make so many knock-off movies imitating Bruce Lee? How did these projects come to fruition? What’s their story? And most interesting of all, Nielsen is planning to locate Bruce Li (The Chinese Stuntman), Bruce Le (Mission Terminate), Dragon Lee (Enter Three Dragons), etc., so we can finally meet the real clones as they reflect on their infamous careers.

The producers are aiming for a December 2015 release. Until then, you can help fund I’m Not Bruce by visiting its Kickstarter page – or by simply spreading the word about this ambitious project. Until then, be sure to check out our extensive list of Bruceploitation reviews.

Updates: The Bad News: The documentary did not reach its Kickstarter goal (only $2,344 of $96,000 was pledged); The Good News: Director Nickolas Nielsen is still moving forward with it! In addition to already-filmed interviews – with Leo Fong (Killpoint), Deborah Dutch (Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave), Andre Morgan (producer of Enter the Dragon) and Mel Novak (Game of Death) – Nielsen is currently wrapping up an interview with Martin Kove (Karate Kid). We’ll keep you updated on I’m Not Bruce as we hear more. We definitely commend Nielsen for his continued dedication to making the documentary happen!

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10 Responses to ‘I’m Not Bruce’ moves forward despite unsuccessful funding

  1. William Fluker says:

    I want to help with the Bruceploitation documentary for the love of the genre, Plus have exclusive Dragon Lee artwork, and rare dvds and pictures i havent seen online too, I dont have Facebook, whats Nickolas Nielsens email so i can contact him

  2. You can contact him through the kickstarter page:

    At the very top of the page where it says: “Nickolas Nielsen”

  3. 31FilmTalk says:

    If they can land all these interviews, I DEFINITELY want to see this film. I think if I recall, there’s a short interview with one of the fake Lee actors in Cinema of Vengeance.

  4. William Fluker says:

    Bruce Li did a interview in Cinema of Vengance

    • DougWonnacott says:

      Bruce Li was actually pretty good. Always thought it was a shame he couldn’t shake the whole Bruce Lee impersonator thing. Even when he did non Bruce Lee projects under a different name (James Tao I think?), the distributors would change the title to something Bruce Lee related and credit him as Bruce Li.

      They obviously don’t compare to the original, but Fist of Fury 2 and (to a lesser extent) Fist of Fury 3 are decent low budget 70s Kung Fu films.

      I’m not a big fan of Brucesplotation as it seems kind of disrespectful but I’d love to see this documentary. There are a small number of Bruce Lee related films I like, Fist of Fury 2 & 3, New Fist of Fury, Game of Death (if you count it), Game of Death 2, Enter the Fat Dragon, The Last Dragon, No Retreat No Surrender.

      • And let’s not forget about Fist of Unicorn, which was a Bruceploitation film before Bruce passed.

      • William Fluker says:

        Yea Bruce LI has alot of awesome movies, i was watching Dynamo the ohter night, i love the training scenes in it with him and his teacher. It helped remind me when my teachers at my dojo are extremely strict its only to help get me more stronger mentally and physically. Um he mighta been under James Tao, Alot of these Asian actors have so many names i cant remember lol i saw Bruce LI under Hsiao-lung Li in the Cinema of Vengance doc and ive seen him billed as James Ho before also but im sure hes got many more other names lol. Lol i got Fists o Fury 2 and 3 on dvd. Am i bugging out or was the one guy that was Bruce Lis friend in Fist of Fury the skinnests guy ive seen in my life? Like it did not look healthy was my thoughts but maybe that was just me thinking that. Yea i like all those other movies too except i absolutely hate the bruce lee cardboard cut out of Bruce used in Game of Death

  5. Chris Stuart says:

    A Martinez launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance a short film HE did. I actually spoke with him over the phone Monday evening while he was doing an Internet radio show. If one listens to the podcast stuff, I am heard about 37 minutes in. To listen to the show, click on the following link:


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