Silent Rage | Blu-ray (Mill Creek Entertainment)

"Silent Rage" Theatrical Poster

“Silent Rage” Theatrical Poster


Later this year, Mill Creek Entertainment will be releasing the Blu-ray for Silent Rage, a 1982 action thriller directed by Michael Miller (Street Girls) and starring Chuck Norris (Yellow Face Tiger, Code of Silence), Ron Silver (Timecop), Brian Libby (The Shawshank Redemption) and Stephen Furst (Animal House).

In Silent Rage, a sheriff (Norris) tries to stop the killing spree of a mute maniacal murderer (Libby) who, as the result of years of medical experimentation, has the ability to self-heal.

Variety describes the movie as “a combination horror-kung fu-oater-woman in peril-mad scientist film,” and many fans tag it as “Chuck Norris vs. Michael Myers”. In our opinion, this raw, sometimes terrifying film, is one of Norris’ best (if you can survive the romance montage within the film)…

Update: The Blu-ray was cancelled, but will be released via the Payback Triple Feature.

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3 Responses to Silent Rage | Blu-ray (Mill Creek Entertainment)

  1. Paul Bramhall says:

    It’s my dream that Norris should have stayed with Golden Harvest, and would have faced off against George Lazenby in ‘Way of the Dragon 2’.

    • k says:

      In my dream of WAY OF THE DRAGON 2, the hair that Bruce ripped off of Chuck’s chest in WAY OF THE DRAGON spawns a new, mutated, even hairier Chuck, which comes back for revenge.

  2. Actually, the movie they were going to face off in was “Yellow Faced Tigers“.

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