Michael Jai White is prepping a sequel to ‘Blood and Bone’

"Blood and Bone" American Theatrical Poster

"Blood and Bone" American Theatrical Poster

Actor and martial artist Michael Jai White caught the attention of genre buffs as soon as he arrived on the scene in the late 90’s, playing the costumed superhero Spawn and squaring off against Jean-Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier: The Return. In recent years, Jai White has become something of a cult movie icon by appearing in fan favorites like Black Dynamite and directing the MMA flick Never Back Down 2.

However, if you ask the crew at Cityonfire.com, we’ve got to say that Michael Jai White’s best movie remains Blood and Bone – a film that lives up to its title by delivering bone-crunching martial arts action!

The good news is that Michael Jai White revealed via Twitter that he has a meeting planned for next week in which a sequel to Blood and Bone may be greenlit.

The even better news is that Jai White teased the possibility that Scott Adkins (Undisputed III) could co-star alongside him in the film. Keep in mind that the movie will likely be a prequel that takes place before the events of Blood and Bone, exploring just how Michael Jai White’s character ended up in prison at the start of the first film.

Updates: We recently added news about a Black Dynamite sequel and an upcoming film called Echo Effect with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. According to an interview, White says that Blood and Bone 2 is on the “active to-do list.”

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25 Responses to Michael Jai White is prepping a sequel to ‘Blood and Bone’

  1. Tien Kwon says:

    I have nothing against Jai White but what is up with everyone casting Scott Adkins all the time? Yeah, he was trying to outdo Tony Jaa in Undisputed III, and somewhere in the middle he was successful in his own sloppy way… but the thing is, once these martial art stars use up every technique that they know… they run out of ideas. We’ve seen this from Jet Li and from many others. Like when we see too much of Van Damme’s same kicks over and over again, it gets old. No wonder Jackie Chan is always on top… because he always does something different and it’s appealing. I think a good example of what I’m trying to point out here is someone like Gary Daniels. He worked with Don Wilson and Jackie. I thought his career was gonna rise after Blood Moon, but it didn’t… he then started like doing really terrible films… not watchable lol. Fist of the North Star… loved the idea, but they failed to deliver… what’s even more sad is that his sifu did the fight choreography in that movie. White Tiger sucked and for the rest of his films… I’m just like, dude what happened to your creativity? I mean we know he does B-movies, but these were like below the B lol, and he’s a real martial artist. Seems like as time went on his movie career, he didn’t care anymore about the execution of techniques. If it was bad, it didn’t matter because it’s a B movie lol. I think it depended on the film for Gary. Like if he’s working with top stars, he’ll up his game. I remember hearing him say on interview that he doesn’t watch martial art movies haha. He likes watching dramas… isn’t that something? Anyway, I just hope Scott doesn’t fall into this path like Gary… where in the begin it’s about quality work… but later… quality doesn’t matter anymore because they’re doing B-movies lol.

  2. STDZ says:

    The first was just ok, if they want to make a sequel go ahead but it better be improved over the first one or there is no point.

  3. NO! I want a SEQUEL, not a Prequel!

    He returns to the home he hasn’t seen in years only to find his old neighborhood being run by gangsters and thieves. The head of this criminal enterprise: his old friend, the boss of a local crime gang, carrying out robberies and using children to sell drugs. Bone sees the harm this guys doing to the town and sets about setting things straight.

    • jen says:

      I totally agree the first one was great a second one would be awesome and I love your idea for the second on…

  4. Deshun says:

    You need to make a part 2 to blood and bone

  5. Quiny says:

    Can’t wait for Blood & Bones 2 & they need to do Spawn 2

  6. Tushay313 says:

    Go watch Walking Tall starring the rock

  7. Fintan Walsh says:

    Should get michael jai white to do blade in a reboot of the franchise

  8. clint wilson says:

    Please make a second moive I will pay what ever for yall to

  9. Spider Mike says:

    Blood n Bone 2 is a must Michael Jai White is an inspirational actor and a prequel possibly but there definitely needs to b a sequel in the end of blood n bone he says to Franklin I’ll be seeing you later so they should show us what happens later

  10. Bicycle Girl says:

    I’m ok with a prequel as long as we find out who killed his twin brother.

  11. miguel ruiz says:

    i hope there,s a part 2 part one is really good i love that movie and he,s a great actor and great martial artist

  12. JOHN says:

    hi all, not only should he do another blood and bone , also star in marvel movie as the black panter, what you all think about that

  13. d01 says:

    I thank it be ok to do a prequel to see what happen to his brother and what got him in prison. But if your make this prequel I got to make a 3rd movie of blood and bone to see when he comes back to the house just saying..

  14. Haydrion Brewster says:

    Prequel will be awesome but I think the unanswered questions in part one needs answering like what happens to Franklin? Did he ever go back to finish him? Is the Consortium still around after police raid the place (considering they are all big money tycoons, I would believe they are though) and what about what business he has to get to as he walks off into the sunset?

    I would love to see him doing a double, fighting himself (twin brother) for fun unless his brother wasn’t a fight (which would make sense as to how he died) as Michael was the rebel probably and his brother just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I admire Michael’s style and charisma (and my mom loves him. Bleh. Lol) Prequel, sequel, trilogy, I don’t care. Jus seeing him put moves together, 5 seconds training routines and kicking ass is always fun to watch. B&B 2. We are anxiously waiting.

    “Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack.”

  15. Sam says:

    I think they could do both a prequel and a sequel. When he told him he’ll see him later. That Franklin is responsible for his brother’s death. Cast Terry Crews and Scott Adkins as Franklin’s hitmen to go after Bone.

  16. Tracy dowhower says:

    I loved bone can’t wait for the next film it was very David carabiner kung-fu like and I think it could be a great series.like the Bob wall ohara reference and liked seeing master demura

  17. Cortez says:

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