New action-packed Featurettes for Max Zhang’s ‘The Brink’

"The Brink" Theatrical Poster

“The Brink” Theatrical Poster

Max Zhang – the rising star of The Grandmaster S.P.L. II and Ip Man 3 – is revisiting danger in The Brink, an upcoming thriller by first-time director Jonathan Li.

The Brink follows a group of fishermen who smuggle gold and the cops who chase them. It’s reported that the film will feature an extensive amount of Thunderball-esque underwater action sequences. In the film, Zhang sports blonde hair, just like James Tien did in 1973’s Seaman No. 7, which also featured underwater action sequences.

The Brink also stars Shawn Yue (Wild City), Gordon Lam (Trivisa), Janice Man (Helios), Wu Yue (From Vegas to Macau 2) and Yasuaki Kurata (Shinjuku Incident). Soi Cheang Pou Soi (Accident) will be serving as producer.

Zhang has many other projects in the works, including The Man with the Dragon TattooS.P.L 3: War Needs Lord, Made in Kowloon, Escape Plan 3, Assassins and the Missing Gold, Pacific Rim Uprising, as well as an unofficial Ip Man 3 spin-off, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy.

The Brink is getting a domestic release on November 23, 2017.

Updates: Check out 3 new Featurettes here: 1 | 2 | 3 – And in case you missed it, don’t miss the film’s latest Trailer below:

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3 Responses to New action-packed Featurettes for Max Zhang’s ‘The Brink’

  1. AFS says:

    Actually the initial report mentioned extensive underwater action sequences… Intriguing.

  2. Nic says:

    Max Zhang was the best thing to come out of Ip Man 3. This shows a lot of promise too!

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