Jean-Claude Van Damme and son to film ‘The Tower’?

"The Tower" Teaser Poster

“The Tower” Teaser Poster

Jean-Claude Van Damme and his son, Kris (Enemies Closer), are teaming up in an emotional MMA-type film titled The Tower, formerly known as Karate or The Pit Bull (see the original promotional poster).

The idea of Van Damme’s The Tower has been floating around since 2003, when it was once described as a metaphysical Game of Death-esque adventure, which revolved around Van Damme fighting his way up a tower, where opponents became more and more difficult to defeat with each passing floor.

Since then, the plot has drastically changed. According to Van Damme’s Facebook, The Tower is now “the story of a man who loses the feeling of fear, a man who will go from a new family as an adopted war machine and will have to face the ground door of Las Vegas (“Stage of the Warriors”), which will be a tournament to decide who will be the strongest fighter on earth!

According to the discussions at, there’s a chance that Van Damme may be fighting his own son in the film’s finale. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more. Until then, Van Damme fans have Pound of Flesh and the long awaited Eagle Path (aka Full Love) to look forward to in 2015. Stay tuned!

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