New Trailer for Wu Jing’s ‘Wolf Warrior II’ is hellishly violent

"Wolf Warrior II" Chinese Theatrical Poster

“Wolf Warrior II” Chinese Theatrical Poster

On July 28th, 2017, the sequel to Wu Jing’s Wolf Warrior is exploding its way to theaters. Wu (SPL II) is once again starring and directing. Yu Nan (The Taking of Tiger Mountain), who starred in the original, also returns.

This time around, Wolf Warrior II will feature Olympic gymnast Zou Kai, Celina Jade (Skin Trade), Hans Zhang (Youth Never Returns) and Frank Grillo (The Grey), who will be playing a mercenary commander who goes head-to-head with Wu’s character.

For Wolf Warrior II, which takes place in a war-torn African country, Wu aims to topple the original. He enlisted Hong Kong veteran Jack Wong (SPL II) and Sam Hargrave (fight coordinator for Blood and Bone) for the action. Hollywood heavies, The Russo Brothers (Captain America: Civil War), were also brought in to help elevate the action.

Updates: Watch the film’s Newest Trailer below:

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12 Responses to New Trailer for Wu Jing’s ‘Wolf Warrior II’ is hellishly violent

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  3. Jerry Johnson says:

    The first was just terrible so if he trying to up his game for this one it shouldn’t be to hard to do.

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  5. Andrew Hernandez says:

    What happened to Wu Jing’s injury? I read after he broke his legs, he’d never do another action film again.

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  8. Paul E says:

    The first one was enjoyable, but not very good. I’m sure it will end up on Netflix shortly after it comes out.

  9. HKFanatic says:

    Perhaps it’s just the trailer but this sequel looks pretty bad, plus Dante Lam just ran circles around Wolf Warriors with his recent Operation Mekong film. That said, why am I talking smack? You know I’m still going to see Wolf Warriors 2.

  10. Woh I your articles, saved to fav!

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