New Trailer for this gangster flick is a ‘Game Changer’

"The Game Changer" Chinese Theatrical Poster

“The Game Changer” Chinese Theatrical Poster

There can never be enough Asian gangster flicks, and Gao Xixi’s The Game Changer, an upcoming period actioner, is no exception. The Game Changer is about gang wars in Shanghai in the 1930’s (supposedly based on The Bund, a TVB series that has been compared to The Godfather).

The Game Changer stars Huang Zitao (The Railroad Tigers), Wang Xueqi (Monk Comes Down the Mountain), Peter Ho (The Monkey King) and South Korean actress Choo Ja-hyeon (Bloody Tie).

The Game Changer will be hitting Chinese theaters early next year. If you’re a fan of gangster flicks, you don’t want to miss the film’s first trailer (via AFS), which promises a good balance of drama and shoot ’em up action.

Updates: Watch the film’s newest trailer below:

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