Flying Guillotine Parts 1 and 2 beheads to retail stores on November 29th!

Arc Entertainment & Dragon Dynasty have just released 2 more classic Shaw Brothers films that represent the absolute cream of the crop of Kung Fu cinema! Flying Guillotine and Flying Guillotine 2 hit retail stores November 29th and are available in Wal Mart, on Amazon and from other fine retailers. Both films have been beautifully re-mastered and include both Chinese and English audio tracks.

These are the last two of 10 Shaw Brothers classics released by Arc/Dragon Dynasty this year, which also included Avenging Eagle, Blood Brothers, Executioners of Shaolin, Five Shaolin Masters, Golden Swallow, Killer Clan, Mad Monkey Kung Fu and Martial Arts of Shaolin.

Flying Guillotine DVD (Dragon Dynasty)

Flying Guillotine DVD (Dragon Dynasty)

Flying Guillotine

“The wonderfully outlandish title weapon is irresistible…” – Hong Kong Digital

“Pure camp fun” –

The film that started it all! Hong Kong kung fu cinema is filled with all types of inventive weaponry, but few are as original, iconic or over-the-top as Flying Guillotine, and this was the first film to use it. The corrupt Emperor wants to dispatch of subordinates who dare disagree with his evil rule. Unable to publicly execute popular and decent officials, he commissions a new deadly weapon to clandestinely carry out these killings. Enter the Flying Guillotine and the elite squad trained to use the new, seemingly invincible weapon. When top squad member Ma Teng (Chen Kuan Tai, Executioners of Shaolin) can no longer stomach these immoral killings, he goes on the run, pursued by his former comrades. Now our hero must protect his family and create a counter-weapon that can defeat The Flying Guillotine!

Flying Guillotine 2 aka Flying Guillotine Part II DVD (Dragon Dynasty)

Flying Guillotine 2 aka Flying Guillotine Part II DVD (Dragon Dynasty)

Flying Guillotine 2

“Flying Guillotine 2 is one sequel worthy of its predecessor” – Kung Fu Cinema

Few sequels match the original, especially one that brought us a weapon as iconic as Flying Guillotine, but Flying Guillotine 2 ramps up the action to a new level. The heroic Ma Teng (Ti Lung, Avenging Eagle) has developed a counter to the Flying Guillotines attack, but when word reaches The Emperor, who is more bloodthirsty than ever, he creates a new deadlier version and trains a squad of female assassins to use it! Now Ma must help the gang of rebels trying to overthrow the evil tyrant and create a new counter-weapon to defeat the improved Guillotine. With frantic martial arts action and weapons that “…would be the envy of James Bond for their ingenuity” ( Flying Guillotine 2 is bloody good fun for kung fu fans!

Trailers: Flying Guillotine Part 1 | Flying Guillotine Part 2

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  1. NegativeCreep says:

    One thing I have learned is never trust a Kung Fu Cinema quote, or a quote from Mark Pollard regarding a kung fu movie.

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