Enter our ‘Kung Fu Zombies’ DVD Contest! – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Kung Fu Zombies | DVD (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Kung Fu Zombies | DVD (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Cityonfire.com and Mill Creek Entertainment are giving away 3 DVD copies of Kung Fu Zombies to three lucky City on Fire visitors. To enter, simply add a comment to this post and describe, in your own words, the video below.

We will be selecting a winner at random. Be sure to include your email address in the appropriate field so we can contact you for your home address. Also, please ‘Like Us‘ on Cityonfire.com’s Facebook by clicking here.

Kung Fu Zombies will officially be released on May 16th, 2017. We will announce the 3 winners on May 17th.

CONTEST DISCLAIMER: You must enter by May 16th, 2017 to qualify. U.S. residents only please. We sincerely apologize to our non-U.S. visitors. Winners must respond with their mailing address within 48 hours, otherwise you will automatically be disqualified. No exceptions. Contest is subject to change without notice.

WINNERS: David W., Michael R., and Kim R.

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40 Responses to Enter our ‘Kung Fu Zombies’ DVD Contest! – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

  1. David Wangberg says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis thought her perfect thrusting would beat John Travolta, but his words prove to be more impactful. Travolta wins! Outstanding!

  2. Ralph Garica says:

    Wong Well Hung.

  3. Frank Carginelo says:

    I watched the entire duration. I couldn’t help myself.

  4. Jason Evans says:

    Jaime Lee Curtis at her “finest”. Not a bad image to go to bed with. Just gotta block out John.

  5. Nick G says:

    Haha, truly hypnotic.

  6. Erin says:

    Travolta’s face definitely says “We are going to eat you.”

  7. Stefan Simovic says:

    Well I know how I’m seducing everyone from now on.

  8. Josh M says:


  9. Toad Style says:

    Nike’s latest campaign: “Just Don’t Do It.”

  10. Matthew says:

    Gyrating aerobic seduction from the eightiest of eighties.

  11. Travis E says:

    I feel like I need a shower.

  12. Hank says:

    Oh, Guile’s theme. You go with everything

  13. opiumkungfuasshole says:

    Leotard, sexy!!! Thrust Travolta, Thrust!!! Baby Shorts!!!! Sex!!! 80s!!!! Romp!!!

  14. Jesse Smooth says:

    Not sure if that would work today, LOL.

  15. Ben says:

    That does it, I’m reporting this to Capcom!

  16. Sharon Walsh says:

    Well, that was different! Jamie Lee was always a hot mama and I was even warming to Travolta’s pelvic exercises 😀

    But since this wasn’t my genre in the 80s, I never saw it. What’s the name of the movie?

  17. mike says:

    jamie looking good

  18. HL says:

    The 80″s!!!

  19. Michael Reid says:

    I cannot believe i actually watched the whole film, it’s actually funny now, unlike way back in the 80’s .

  20. Joseph russo says:

    80’s = seductive

    Present day =Sweating to the oldies

  21. Ronald Oliver says:

    I never saw PERFECT before, but I can see from the clip that John Travolta was still into his Saturday Night Fever and Grease dance moves and thrusts. And Jaime Lee Curtis was looking sexy as ever! 🙂

  22. Jesse says:

    Mesmerizing and yet a bit disturbing

  23. Mack Bowling says:

    This is tame compared to Travolta in Staying Alive.

  24. Bill Norris says:

    John those shorts show off way more then anyone needs to see.

  25. David K says:

    Yikes. Those shorts on Travolta are so short.

  26. Chad Milburn says:

    Scientology-funded aerobics torture chambers of the 1980’s.

  27. Josh Boutwell says:

    My best description would be… the 80s… WTF?!

  28. Jimmy P says:

    So this video shows us what twerking was back in the 80’s, right?

  29. J.D. says:

    Probably more frightening than anything in Kung Fu Zombies

  30. Kim Russell says:

    I came to this site expecting to read about kung fu. Instead I get this??? At least City On Fire has a sense of humor.

  31. John Travolta is gonna hit her with a meaty overhead on wake-up, if yaknowwhaddimsayin

  32. Daniel M says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis sure was hot back in the day

  33. Nick L says:

    Actually not the first time I’ve seen this video. I have a thing for Jamie Lee Curtis! I’d love some kung fu zombies too.

  34. Cody says:

    “After getting hot and bothered with a workout like that, I need to go home and release a nice big HADOKEN”

  35. ken lee says:

    got to love the 80s and that street fighter 2 music lol

  36. Don Anelli says:

    l feel like celebrating on the streets, but l don’t know why

  37. Paul Ethridge says:

    Gonna need some eyebleach after this one guys. C’mon!

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