Donnie Yen to start shooting ‘Ip Man 4’ in March 2018

"Ip Man 4" Teaser Poster

“Ip Man 4” Teaser Poster

Despite publicly stating that Ip Man 3 was his last Ip Man sequel, martial arts superstar Donnie Yen (Kung Fu Jungle) never ruled out the idea of revisiting the Ip Man character for a fourth time – but considering Ip Man 3 had somewhat of a swan song-feel to it, fans dismissed the possibility.

Additionally, Yen’s increasing popularity and demand in Hollywood with the recently released Star Wars: Rogue One and xXx: Return of Xander Cage raised the question: Why would Yen backpedal to the Ip Man role again, especially if Ip Man 3 was a perfect closing chapter?

Then in September of 2017, nearly a year after the release of the last Ip Man 3, Yen had this to say: “I want to share this very excited news with you all, my good friend Wilson Yip, who had directed all of my last three Ip Man series, tonight, we have decided to reunite and continue to make our next project together, Ip Man 4! Yes, I-P-M-A-N part 4!”

On March 19th, Yen (via FB) shared the news that production for Ip Man 4 begins in 2018: “Some prefer to call me the IP MAN. Filming begins 2018, I am back!” Yen is also toying with the idea of Tony Jaa (SPL 2) being his next opponent in Ip Man 4 (via HK01).

There was a rumor going around that Jackie Chan would be co-starring with Donnie Yen in Ip Man 4. Turns out, it was false. According to HK Top 10, producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming denied the rumor, but stated the film has already started preparation.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about Ip Man 4. In the meantime, Yen can next be seen in Wong Jing’s Chasing the Dragon (aka King of Drug Dealers), where he’s taking on the role of real-life gangster Ng Sek-ho (aka Crippled Ho). And there’s also a Ip Man spin-off in the works, titled Cheung Tin-chi, with breakout star Max Zhang reprising his character from Ip Man 3 (rumors suggest that Yen may have a cameo as Ip Man).

Updates: Donnie Yen told OD (via JS ) that Ip Man 4 should start shooting in March 2018. “Director Wilson Yip is getting the script together right now,” said Donnie. “Production should start in March of next year, because that’s when we all have time in our schedules. I’ve saved that slot for Ip Man 4 already.”

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15 Responses to Donnie Yen to start shooting ‘Ip Man 4’ in March 2018

  1. CD ageS says:

    You have NO IDEA how much this post update means to me!

    I just finished watching Ip Man 3. I left the theatre feeling so conflicted because this has been touted as the final film in the trilogy. With that said, It just doesn’t bring any closure to source material in my eyes. All Ip Man 3 did was leave me with the desire to see more of Donnie’s portrayal of Yip Man in another chapter in his life of the title character. I want to see Yip and his relationship with Jun Fan or how he continues life after the events of the third film.

    Wait a sec. A Flash Point sequel! O.O

    No disrespect to Yen at all, but i’m not sure if he’s still in his prime for another go. I’d sure like to be proven wrong though lol!

  2. Ningen21 says:

    So, at this point Ip Man is now becoming this generation’s Once Upon A Time in China series. 🙂

  3. Andrew Hernandez says:

    I’d be in favor of another Donnie Ip Man as long as they stop going the route of the Rocky sequels.

    Maybe they can do a movie where he and Danny Chan are a duo with Ip passing the torch to Bruce.

  4. Zach says:

    Well now I feel like a dummy because I mostly viewed Ip man 3 as the final film. But, it’s nice to know now that there will be a fourth, and that the 3rd one, which always felt like just another installment, will become what it is, another installment, albeit one that brings Ip Man down to our level and makes him relatable again through his relationship issues. With the announcement of Ip Man 4, and the new Ip Man spin-off with Max Zhang, it looks like the Ip craze just won’t go away. But I’m still excited.

  5. HKFanatic says:

    Would it be uncouth to say “Wake me up when Flash Point 2 is coming out”…? I’m not sure what the popular opinion is, but “Ip Man 3” registered as a major disappointment to me. The plot felt totally scattershot and somehow the filmmakers let Max Zhang upstage Donnie Yen in most of the fight scenes…

    • I’m all for a Ip Man 4, but I’ll really be wide awake when Donnie Yen teams up with director Peter Chan again. 🙂 I agree, I probably liked Ip Man 3 more than you, but I feel it was the weakest of the three.

      • HKFanatic says:

        Wilson Yip is the man, but I would kinda love to see him stretch his wings and see if he can do a hardcore action movie without Donnie Yen, maybe turn out something like Dante Lam’s “Operation Mekong.”

        Peter Chan is indeed a really diverse filmmaker who hasn’t been prolific enough. “Wu Xia” is one of Donnie Yen’s best films, without question.

    • LalY says:

      What kind of nonsense, I’m sorry? Most fight scenes ??? Where when?? Do you remember his fight with the master with an umbrella? No? No one remembers))) What else? Mass brawl? It must have seemed a dangerous rival to the final fight was more tense. It was treated in the computer 80%, lol. Crowd scenes at the shipyard …. when Yip Man was surrounded by the crowd and fought inside the ship … how interesting finds there were and how many objects were used … oh … the battle with the Thais, with Mike Tyson !!! In addition, at the end in a battle with Max himself, it is clear how much he is slower than Donnie… There where Max acted simply on the limit, to Donnie was easy and not by constraint)))

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  7. xino says:

    “Some prefer to call me the IP MAN.

    lol…..i feel sorry for the real Ip Man -____-

  8. Jimmmy P says:

    I would love to see Jackie and Donnie in a film together again. I always thought that Shanghai Knights, while Chan’s best American film, the final showdown between the two was short but not very sweet. I hope that they can do better than the third Ip Man though. While I found the film to be entertaining enough, the fight scenes, except for the short but sweet fight between Yen and Mike Tyson, were standard fair. I want the fight scenes from the first two films back, Bring back Sammo.

  9. xino says:

    that would be cool man.
    i can see why, they would do this so that the movie makes a hit.
    Ip Man 3 was with Mike Tyson, so with Jackie Chan, it is basically Donnie vs Jackie, and people would wanna see this fight

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