Cung Le may just be the busiest man in martial arts action cinema

"Dragon Eyes" Japanese DVD Cover

"Dragon Eyes" Japanese DVD Cover

There’s no rest for the wicked – or for a wicked, musclebound Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Fan favorite actor Cung Le has made a name for himself in and out of the ring, thanks to co-starring roles in films like Bodyguards & Assassins and Dragon Eyes, and the man shows no signs of slowing down. In a recent video interview, Cung Le teased several new projects on his horizon.

Two of the as-of-yet-untitled movies include a film from Sammo Hung (Killzone AKA S.P.L.) and producer Bill Kong (House of Flying Daggers), as well as a role in J.J. Perry’s directorial debut. Perry may not be a name immediately recognizable to action buffs but chances are you’ve seen his work – he served as fight choreographer on both Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing and Blood and Bone!

In addition, Cung Le has mentioned a possible role in the highly anticipated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: The Green Destiny, which would reunite him with both his The Grandmasters choreographer Yuen Woo-ping and his Bodyguards & Assassins co-star Donnie Yen. Lastly, Le is also in talks for a role in the American remake of The Raid, which is currently in-development from The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes. Cung Le clearly has great things coming in the near future, so fans of the talented performer have much to look forward to.

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