City on Fire will be returning shortly…

We here at City on Fire enjoy passing along the latest news, features, interviews, and reviews for our readers. But we need a break. Not a long one! We promise. We’ll be back in a couple weeks, probably less – just enough time to relax and recharge.

Watch some good movies while we’re gone and be sure to tell us about ’em when we get back. This will also be a good time for you to read our archive of Reviews, Interviews, Features, News Stories and upcoming Blu-ray/DVD Releases you might have missed. We’ll see you again soon!

– The COF Team

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7 Responses to City on Fire will be returning shortly…

  1. mike says:

    enjoy your little summer break

  2. Jerry says:


  3. Dan says:

    Enjoy your well-deserved break. 🙂 I will be here when you return.

  4. A to the Lex says:

    *Sob* Thanks for all the hard work! We’ll be waiting!

  5. opiumkungfuasshole says:

    Have fun on your days off man!!!!

  6. Danny H Sierra-Santana says:

    Relax and enjoy life!

  7. Mo says:

    Relax and recharge. It is well deserved. Thank you for all that you do.

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