New details on Chow Yun-fat and Aaron Kwok’s ‘Unparalleled’

"A Better Tomorrow" International Theatrical Poster

“A Better Tomorrow” International Theatrical Poster

Felix Chong, the co-director of Donnie Yen’s The Lost Bladesman, will be re-teaming up with his frequent collaborator Alan Mak (Infernal Affairs) for an upcoming Hong Kong action film titled Project Gutenberg (previously known as Unparalleled). Chong is directing a script he co-wrote with Mak.

Project Gutenberg stars Chow Yun Fat (A Better Tomorrow) and Aaron Kwok (Monk Comes Down the Mountain).

According to Variety, the story sees Hong Kong police hunting a gang of exceptional currency counterfeiters. Through a gang member (Kwok) whom they extradite from Thailand, the police find themselves on the trail of the gang’s shadowy mastermind (Chow).

Also on board is Zhang Jingchu (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), Liu Kai Chi (Z Storm) and Catherine Chau (Heaven in the Dark).

Shooting for Project Gutenberg has officially started, with a release date set in 2018. See the photo below (via AFS/Mtime).


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