Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in high gear for ‘Rush Hour 4’?

"Rush Hour 3" Japanese Theatrical Poster

“Rush Hour 3” Japanese Theatrical Poster

For the last several years, both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 1-3) have kept the possibility of a Rush Hour 4 in the air. But now, the 4th installment of the successful action comedy is a lot closer to reality than ever.

Just recently, Chan gave a radio interview in which he teased that a Rush Hour 4 in very much in the works — the first misadventure in the series since 2007. “For the last seven years, we’ve been turning down the script, turning down the script,” Chan told L.A. outlet Power 106’s The Cruz Show. “Yesterday, we just agreed.” (via Deadline).

But don’t start pumpin’ up Jay Z’s “Can I Get A…” quite yet. All this “Rush Hour 4 is definitely happening” stuff has been going on for years. And Chan has openly expressed his  love/hate relationship with the franchise, so until cameras start rolling, don’t believe anything.

In a 2013 interview with Singapore’s CO, Chan had this to say: “We just finished meeting last month in L.A. with Chris Tucker and two writers. The first draft, I don’t really like it. It’s just boring. Nothing is exciting anymore. I know Warner Bros. really wanted to do Rush Hour 4. Both Chris Tucker and I agreed to do another one, but we need to see the script first. So far, it’s Jackie goes to Hong Kong, no, Jackie goes to America… Chris Tucker goes to Hong Kong. Then we go to Paris. What’s next? It’s difficult.”

Chan currently has many movies on his agenda, including The CivilianChinese Zodiac 2Five Against a BulletBleeding Steel and Journey to China. And don’t miss our reviews for his latest films, Railroad Tigers and Kung Fu Yoga. His latest film, The Foreigner, hits theaters on October 13th.

We’ll keep you posted on Rush Hour 4 news as we hear more.


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