More kicks in the new trailer for the ‘Rush Hour’ TV reboot!

"Rush Hour" Promotional Poster

"Rush Hour" Promotional Poster

The new Rush Hour TV reboot is finally premiering on March 31, 2016 at 10PM EST on CBS. Jon Foo (Tekken) is filling in Jackie Chan’s shoes as Detective Lee. Comedian Justin Hires takes over Chris Tucker’s role as Detective Carter.

James Lew (Big Trouble In Little China) will be serving as the pilot’s stunt coordinator. Jeff Wolfe (Knock-Off) will take over these duties for the rest of the series.

The reboot is produced by Brett Ratner (director of the original franchise) and Arthur Sarkissian. Cougar Town’s Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick serve as co-writers. Pysch’s Steve Franks is signing on to serve as showrunner on the series’ midseason. | 1st trailer.

Updates: Watch the series newest trailer for the Rush Hour TV reboot!

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13 Responses to More kicks in the new trailer for the ‘Rush Hour’ TV reboot!

  1. Ningen21 says:

    A Rush Hour tv show would just be Miami Vice. Or Martial Law, which we *still* haven’t gotten on DVD, for some inexplicable reason. Maybe they can at least get Chan and Tucker in for occasional cameos, though.

  2. Alvin George says:

    Question for Mighty Peking Man: What do you think was the last “real” Jackie Chan movie? The dude turns 61 in a few weeks.

    • WHO AM I? was the last “real” Jackie Chan film in my opinion. One that comes close is LITTLE BIG SOLDIER, which I was pleasantly surprised with.

      One that I really liked was “Shinjuku Incident.” by no means was it the kind of JC flick we’ve known to love from the guy, but it was a solid movie in its own right!

      • Dan says:

        Can I ask why you chose Who Am I? That movie gets a lot of love but I remember being disappointed when I first saw it. The acting was beyond horrible, (even for a JC flick), and it was one of the first Chan movies I’d seen in a while which relied very heavily on wires and doubling. Stupid reason to be disappointed I know, but it was difficult to take after seeing Jackie do so much of his own stuff in previous movies.

        • Hey Dan! Thanks for the reply.

          Even though I don’t think it’s an undisputed classic like Police Story, Drunken Master or Wheels on Meals, it was the last movie that I felt had that JC magic to it (the comedy, his fighting style, and the overall “feel”…. that’s the best I can explain it. Sure, the acting was bad (but what JC movie didn’t have non-Chinese actors speaking terrible english with bad acting skills?), but it was paced right. Funny you mention wires… I don’t remember seeing any of that. All I know is it had more than a few solid fight scene, as well as car chase that was reminiscent of his 80s flicks.

  3. STDZ says:

    They should have got Kevin Hart for Rush Hour. And what’s wrong with Chris Tucker? Does Jackie hate him that much.

  4. mike leeder says:

    James Lew did the pilot, he’s currently handling the action for LUKE CAGE

    Jeff Wolfe from Once Upon a Time In China and America, Knock Off is stunt coordinator for the series (he handled the action for Revolution etc)

  5. OpiumKungFuAsshole says:

    LOL, those youtube comments are just out of this world. Do they know it’s just a tv series on CBS and not the actual movie? Of course it looks a little rusty, it’s a tv show you dumb bums!!!!

  6. Ningen21 says:

    Damn, that’s some dull and lifeless shit.

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