Classic Hong Kong action to return in Maria Tran’s ‘Tiger Cop’

"Tiger Cop II" Promotional Poster

“Tiger Cop II” Promotional Poster

Vietnamese actress, martial artist, producer and director, Maria Tran (Truy Sát aka Tracer) has announced pre-production for Tiger Cop, which will be backed by Fresh Blood, a joint initiative between ABC and Screen Australia.

Tiger Cop, which will consist of three 5-minute segments, will be based on a throwback concept inspired by Hong Kong’s Girls with Guns sub-genre made popular by titles like Royal Warriors and In the Line of Duty 3.

Adrian Castro will direct/write, Tran will star/produce, while comedian Steven Oliver (Black Comedy) is co-starring as Tran’s partner. Here’s the official synopsis: Two mismatched cops Inspector Tiger (Tran) and Detective Wombat (Oliver) are on a mission to take down a Hong Kong crime lord, The White Ghost.

“We got the funding (Yippie!!) and are on our way to pre-production for Hong Kong actionesque Tiger Cop series! This is gonna be kick-ass/bad dubbing awesomeness! Shall be doing some casting soon for all ya’ll actioneer type actors as well as additional crew in Sydney, Australia,” Tran posted on FB (via Mike Leeder).

In 2015, a short film (made as “trailers”) for Tiger Cop I and Tiger Cop II were released. The short, also directed by Castro, featured choreography by Trung Ly (Truy Sát) and cinematography by Justin Gong. All involved with the short captured the essence of a 1980s-produced Hong Kong action film.

We’ll keep you in the loop about Tiger Cop as we hear more. Until then, we leave you with the Tiger Cop “trailers” below, which should give you an idea of what to expect:

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