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Mrs K (2016) Review

Director: Ho Yuhang Writer: Ho Yuhang, Chan Wai Keung Cast: Kara Hui, Simon Yam, Wu Bai, Faizal Hussein, Kirk Wong, Fruit Chan, Li Xuan Siow Running Time: 90 min. By Martin Sandison For me, one of the big draws of this year’s Udine Far East Film Festival … Continue reading

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Time and Tide (2001) Review

Director: Tsui Hark Writer: Koan Hui, Tsui Hark Producer: Tsui Hark Cast: Nicholas Tse, Wu Bai, Candy Lo, Cathy Chui, Joventino Couto Remotigue, Anthony Wong, Jack Kao Jie Running Time: 113 min. By Sergio Martorelli Hark, the herald angels sing, … Continue reading

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