Steven Seagal’s ‘Cypher’ to get a theatrical release?

"A Good Man" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"A Good Man" Japanese Theatrical Poster

Looks like Steven Seagal’s days of snapping necks, breaking bones and busting caps are far from over. It was recently announced at the American Film Market that the Aikido master has a $25 million dollar action thriller in the works titled Cypher.

According to Variety, Seagal will portray a special forces operative who – frustrated with the bureaucracy of war – goes rogue and tries to exterminate terrorists being protected by the government.

Cypher is based on an original script written by Seagal himself. There are currently no other stars or directors attached, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Other Seagal film in the works include Code of Honor, Under Siege 3, Perfect Weapon, The Asian ConnectionEnd of a Gun, Killing Salazar and Four Towers.

BREAKING NEWS: According to Dark Horizons (via, producers are planning a theatrical release for Cypher, which will mark the first time a Steven Seagal movie won’t be straight-to-video since 2002’s Half Past Dead. Of course, 2012’s Machete doesn’t count, considering Seagal only had a limited starring role.

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2 Responses to Steven Seagal’s ‘Cypher’ to get a theatrical release?

  1. This is a movie that I’m really looking forward to seeing. And, I will when it comes to the U.S. Steven Seagal is a brilliant actor, and I’m sure this is going to be simply one of the best movies that’s been made by Steven after all he did write the script so there’s no doubt whatsoever it’s going to be another hit!!! And I’m waiting on it most definitely. Thank you.

  2. I for one am waiting for this movie it’s going to be a big hit. STEVEN SEAGAL wrote the script and he’s had quiet a few years like a 25 of expertise. And I will be seeing it when it reaches the U.S. Looking forward to this very much.

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