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Jiang Wen to helm wuxia flick titled ‘The Hidden Warrior’

Jiang Wen (The Lost Bladesman) – actor, writer and director of Let the Bullets Fly – has announced that his next project will be a wuxia film titled The Hidden Warrior. The upcoming martial arts actioner will complete his Republican era-set … Continue reading

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Mike Moeller is a sensation with ‘One Million Klicks’

After taking the lead in 2012’s Arena of the Street Fighter, German martial artist Mike Moeller is back this year with One Million Klicks. It’s the first project from production company Silent Partners, which was recently formed by Mike Leeder … Continue reading

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Saviour Monk, The (1975) Review

Director: Leung Chit Foo Producer: Chang Yan-Tao Cast: Doris Lung Chung Erh, Tong Wai, Philip Ko Fei, Chin Chi Min, Ma Cheung, Yuen Sam, Lee Ying, Tit Mang Chau Running Time: 87 min. By Paul Bramhall The Saviour Monk is … Continue reading

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Third time’s a charm for Takashi Ishii’s ‘Gonin Saga’

In the mood for more Yakuza action? Well, so are we. Takashi Ishii (Freeze Me) is currently wrapping up the third entry to his violent Gonin series. But before we talk about that, let’s take a look at the first two … Continue reading

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Pound of Flesh (2015) Review

AKA: Maximum Blood Director: Ernie Barbarash Writer: Joshua James Producer: Henry Luk, Mike Leeder Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Darren Shahlavi, Aki Aleong, John Ralston, Jason Tobin, Philippe Joly, Brahim Achabbakhe, Andrew Ng, Mike Leeder, Adele Baughan Running Time: 104 min. … Continue reading

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I Am Steve McQueen (2014) Review

Director: Jeff Renfroe Writer: David Ray Cast: Robert Downey Jr. (voice), Kristin Kreuk (voice), Chad McQueen, Gary Oldman, Zoe Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Randy Couture, Katherine Haber, Norman Jewison, Pat Johnson, Ali MacGraw Running Time: 90 min. By Kyle Warner “You never know … Continue reading

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Skin Trade (2014) Review

Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham Producer: Craig Baumgarten, Dolph Lundgren, Mike Selby Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, Michael Jai White, Celina Jade, Peter Weller, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Conan Stevens, Mike Dopud, Tasya Teles, Leo Rano Running Time: 95 min. By HKFanatic … Continue reading

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Darth Vader joins Rob Cohen’s fantasy-action flick ‘Marco Polo’

Rob Cohen (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) will be directing a 3D fantasy/action film titled Marco Polo (no relation to the current Netflix series), a co-production between Paramount and China Film Group. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in … Continue reading

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Typhoon (2005) Review

Director: Gwak Gyeong-Taek Writer: Gwak Gyeong-Taek Producer: Park Seong-Geun, Yang Jung-Gyeong Cast: Jang Dong-Gun, Lee Jeong-Jae, Lee Mi-Yeon, David McInnis, Wook Heo, David No, Chatthapong Pantanaunkul Running Time: 124 min. By HKFanatic From the opening of Typhoon, it’s clear that … Continue reading

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Tiger Over Wall (1980) Review

Director: Tony Liu Jun Guk Writer: Tony Liu Jun Guk Producer: Alex Gouw Cast: Philip Ko Fei, Kong Do, Chu Tiet Wo, Hwang Jang Lee, Cheung Lik, Candy Wen, Chan Lau, Pak Sha Lik, Lau Hok Nin Running Time: 91 … Continue reading

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