David Lam is preparing another storm with ‘L-Storm’

LSTORMVeteran Hong Kong director David Lam (Street Angels) is once again firing up another storm in L-Storm, the sequel to 2016’s S-Storm and 2014’s Z-Storm. The first two films followed the predicaments of William Luk Che Lim (Louis Koo), a lead investigator in the ICAC unit (Independent Commission Against Corruption), and his war with naughty organizations.

According to AFS, the cast for L-Storm includes Louis Koo (The White Storm), Julian Cheung (The Suspect), Dada Chan (Z-Storm), Jacky Cai (From Vegas to Macau 2), Shek Sau (S-Storm), Janelle Sing (Kung Fu Angels) and Philip Keung (Trivisa).

We’ll keep you updated on L-Storm as we hear more. For now, we leave you with the Trailer for S-Storm below:

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