Exterminator 2 | Blu-ray (Shout! Factory)

Exterminator 2 | Blu-ray (Shout! Factory)

Exterminator 2 | Blu-ray (Shout! Factory)

RELEASE DATE: April 25, 2017

Shout! Factory presents the Blu-ray for Exterminator 2, a 1984 cult classic directed by Mark Buntzman and starring Robert Ginty (Exterminator).

John Eastland (Ginty), the man who turned New York into a war zone in 1980’s Exterminator, is back with a vengeance! This time, the flamethrower-wielding vigilante takes on the sinister Drug Lord X (Mario Van Peebles) and his army of thugs.

Back in 2011, Synapse Films released an Unrated Director’s Cut of Exterminator on Blu-ray, so now that we’ve come full circle, it’s time to set some sh*t on fire!

Pre-order Exterminator 2 from Amazon.com today!

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