Wilson Yip is a ‘Greedy Wolf’ for Louis Koo and Max Zhang

"Wild City" Chinese Theatrical Poster

"Wild City" Chinese Theatrical Poster

According to AFS, Louis Koo (Wild City), Max Zhang (SPL II: A Time for Consequences) and Yue Wu (From Vegas to Macau II) will star in Tan Lang (meaning “Greedy Wolf”), an action thriller directed by Wilson Yip (Ip Man 3, Flashpoint, SPL).

Unfortunately, not much is known about the project, but considering Yip (who is currently working on Storm Riders 3) is at the helm of a film with such a stellar cast – most notably Zhang, the breakout star of Ip Man 3 – we’ll definitely be looking out for it.

For now, be sure to read about Yip’s Storm Riders 3, as well as Zhang’s other projects, which include The BrinkSPL 3 and a possible Ip Man 3 spin-off. As for Koo, well, he’s in every Chinese movie by default.

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