Will Smith says ‘Bad Boys 3′ is comin’ for you…soon!

"Bad Boys 2" Japanese Theatrical Poster

"Bad Boys 2" Japanese Theatrical Poster

Fans of the Bad Boys franchise, rejoice! A month ago, it was reported that Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces, The Grey) was in early talks to direct Bad Boys 3 – the outcome, who knows? What we do know (via Collider) is that Sony not only has Bad Boys 3 listed for February 2017; they have Bad Boys 4 scheduled for July 2019 as well!

For the Bad Boys 3 script, Sony has hired David Guggenheim (Safe House). Jerry Bruckheimer is returning as producer. At this time, there’s no word if Michael Bay, who directed 1995’s Bad Boys and 2003’s Bad Boys 2, will be involved in any way, shape or form. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will most likely return.

The Bad Boys franchise revolves around two hip detectives who fight criminals in the mean streets of Florida. Hong Kong Cinema fans will always remember Bad Boys 2 for one of its key action scenes – involving automobiles driving down hill through a residential village – that was “borrowed” from Jackie Chan’s Police Story (1985).

Updates: In an interview with Beats 1 studio (via Collider), Will Smith practically confirmed that Bad Boys 3 is on track for its scheduled February 17, 2017 release date: “There is a very, very, very strong possibility that you will be seeing a ‘Bad Boys’ within the next 12-16 months.” Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Alvin George says:

    Let’s say that Mr. Bay ends up back in the ’80s and is assigned to direct an action flick for Cannon Films. How would such a film have turned out? Would there still have been lots of explosions and lots of American flags? 😀

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