Wade Barrett and Gary Daniels want ‘Vengeance’

"Vengeance" Teaser Poster

"Vengeance" Teaser Poster

Stu Bennet (formerly known as WWE’s Wade Barrett) and martial arts star Gary Daniels (Zero Tolerance, Tekken 2) are teaming up for Vengeance, an upcoming film by UK cult director Ross Boyask (Left for Dead).

According to Mike Leeder, Vengeance is a fast-paced revenge thriller that kicks off when an ex-soldier learns of the murder of his best friend and sets off on the road for (you guessed it) vengeance.

Vengeance is produced by Evolutionary Films, the company that unleashed one of our favorite martial arts films of 2014, One Million K(l)icks.

Vengeance is currently in production. Stay tuned.

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