Tsui Hark to film ‘The Legend of Famen Temple’ in November

"The Legend of Famen Temple" Teaser Poster

“The Legend of Famen Temple” Teaser Poster

Now that Tsui Hark (The Taking of Tiger Mountain) practically has Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings in the can, the acclaimed Hong Kong director will soon begin work on The Legend of Famen Temple, a fantasy adventure based on a novel by Huang Shang Jin Yu.

The film will star frequent Tsui collaborator Kenny Lin (The Great Wall). Rumored stars attached to the project include Lin Yun (The Mermaid), Chen Kun (Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal), Xun Shou (Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate) and Zitao Huang (Railroad Tigers).

If The Legend of Famen Temple is anything like the novel, here what’ you can expect: The story takes place in the Famen Temple in the Tang Dynasty. The stupa, where Buddha’s relic is enshrined suddenly catches fire and flying Apsaras appears on top of it. A teenager named Duan Chengshi and his cousin witnesses all the oddities. Later, Duan’s cousin loses memory, followed by sudden death of people who talk about it. Duan also loses his notes. And someone keeps watch on Duan and even attacks him. After investigation, Duan lays emphasis on a priestess of Zoroastrianism. Then, things get more complicated (via Amazon).

According to AFS, The Legend of Famen Temple begins shooting in November. For now, we leave you with the Trailer for Time and Tide (because we miss Tsui’s modern-setting films):

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