Trust means nothing in the New ‘Merciless’ Trailer

"The Merciless" Korean Theatrical Poster

“The Merciless” Korean Theatrical Poster

In the tradition of Nah Hyeon’s recent film, The Prison, comes The Merciless (aka Hoodlum), an upcoming crime thriller by writer/director Byun Sung-Hyun (Whatcha Wearin’?).

The Merciless involves a couple of prisoners (Sol Kyung-Gu of Another Public Enemy and Siwan of The Attorney) and their search for higher power in the criminal world.

The film also stars Kim Hee-Won (The Man from Nowhere), Jeon Hye-Jin (Tell Me Lies), Lee Kyoung-Young (The Prison), Kim Sung-Oh (A Bittersweet Life) and Heo Jun-Ho (The Restless).

CJ Entertainment will be giving The Merciless a domestic release in May. Until then, don’t miss the film’s New Trailer below:

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