Pay Back | DVD (Lionsgate)

Pay Back | DVD (Lionsgate)

Pay Back | DVD (Lionsgate)

RELEASE DATE: On April 5, 2016

On April 5, 2016, Lionsgate is releasing Pay Back on DVD. This 2013 Chinese thriller stars Fan Siu-wong (Ricki-Oh), Francis Ng (Too Many Ways to be Number One), Cynthia Khan (In the Line of Duty 3, Eternal Fist) and Lam Suet (Monk Comes Down from the Mountain).

When mafia fall guy Zhang Jin finally gets released from prison, he’s nearly assassinated. In an effort to survive, Zhang becomes entangled in a conspiracy, linking his fate with unlikely allies and turning friends into enemies. Zhang must discover the identity of the assassin before he gets murdered, without plunging himself back into a life of crime | Trailer.

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4 Responses to Pay Back | DVD (Lionsgate)

  1. Eric Specht says:

    I’ve seen trailers for this on the web and I’ve seen a trailer on a Lionsgate film but I can’t find the movie and it isn’t even listed on IMDB. What happened to it?

  2. Paul Bramhall says:

    Hi Eric, this was released on Taiwan DVD back in November 2014 –

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